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Protect your business and your customers

Does your business have cracked sidewalks or parking lot? Do you have uneven or raised sections in your concrete or asphalt? Cracks can gather moisture that expands and contracts and further destroys your surfaces. Uneven spots are potential tripping hazards that can cause injury to your customers as they enter or exit your business. Make sure your areas are safe; contact Denny's excavating Inc for repair or replacement.

Commercial surfacing and repair

Drainage and land development

  • Parking lot removal and replacement

  • Curb repair and replacement

  • Asphalt removal

  • Manhole servicing

  • Site development

  • General contracting

  • Water mains

  • Storm sewer

  • Erosion control

  • Land grading

  • Private roads

  • New subdivisions

  • Ditching

  • Underground retention ponds

  • Underground storage tank removal and replacement

  • Mass grading

  • General grading

  • Demolition

  • Bike path

Trust a reputable company that

is committed

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prompt service


Owners on-site for every job


Complete turnkey service

When your business needs quality service from start to finish, contact Denny's Excavating Inc

Denny's Excavating Inc offers expert service for any site. From water drainage to land grading, we can improve your property.