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From grading and excavating to trenching and septic systems, we offer a full list of residential excavating services; so one call does it all. Since 1994, we’ve been providing help to residential properties with any issues they may have. Whether you need a lot cleared, driveway fixed, topsoil installed, are having water issues in your basement, or want to install a new swimming pool, call Denny’s Excavating Inc.

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  • Demolition

  • Swimming pool installations

  • Driveway replacement

  • Land clearing

  • Tree / stump removal

  • Grading

  • French drains

  • New topsoil

Are you getting water in your basement? Does water pool around your foundation after it rains? With time, the elements will change the landscape of your yard. Heavy rains can wash away dirt, or poorly maintained gutters can cause water to percolate around your foundation and wear away the grade. Eventually, this can turn into a larger issue, including flooded basements and failed septic systems. It’s important to make sure your yard is properly graded so that water flows away from its foundation.


Contact Denny’s Excavating Inc for a free estimate and see if your issue can be solved by regrading your property. We can make sure the water flows away from your home properly to avoid any flooding problems.

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Excavation services

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  • Sewer services

  • Septic systems

  • Underdrains

  • Yard drainage

  • Ditching

  • Underground storage tank removal

  • Retaining Walls

  • New house excavating