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residential excavating services

01. residential excavating


Do you need your driveway replaced?  Cracks, potholes, and pooling water can all be signs it’s time to replace your driveway.  Call (616) 292-7804 today!

Repair or remove a Concrete Driveway?

As a general guideline, it’s best to completely remove your concrete driveway if you have:

Call Denny’s Excavating today at (616) 292-7804 and let us assist you with any driveway project you may have.

02. soil erosion control

retaining walls

Retaining walls are primarily installed to prevent soil erosion on sloping lots. 

A retaining wall can also add to your landscape design and provide more usable space for sections of yard, a patio, adding a swimming pool, and more.

Our team assists homeowners with retaining wall design, including considerations for drainage and overall site preparation.

03. septic system services

septic systems

Septic Systems are underground wastewater treatment structures, commonly installed in rural areas where city sewer services are not available.

These solutions consist of a septic tank, a drainfield, or some type of soil absorption field. Septic systems can last 20-30 years if installed properly and the homeowner has it serviced every 2-3 years.

Denny’s Excavating installs new septic systems and provides repair services for tanks & drainfields on existing installations.

04. site preparation services

land clearing

Denny’s Excavating provides a complete line of land clearing and site preparation services for you.

if it involves moving dirt, we'll make it happen

other residential services

- french drains

French drains provide an effective way of routing water away from your house or soggy areas of your property.  Call (616) 292-7804 today!

- ditching services

Ditching services provide the controlled flow of water to collection areas such as retention ponds and/or along the boundaries of your property.

- grading & site Prep

Our final grading and site preparation services can ensure your new home stays dry and your new lawn & trees develop healthy.   Commercial grading is available.

- tree removal

Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape and last for years.  Unfortunately, disease and age require trees to be removed.  We have the equipment to do it right!

- Stump Removal

Grind a stump or completely remove it?  Homeowners have a choice.  As an excavator, we have the equipment to remove any size stump(s) you may have.

- demolition

Needing to remove an old barn, house, or structure on your site?  Dennys Excavating provides demolition services for both residential & commerical.

- culverts

Culvert installations under driveways and private bridges allow water to flow from one side to the other.  Sized correctly, water will not pool or cause soil erosion issues.

- swimming pools

Swimming pool installations require site leveling, sand, and potential excavating for deeper pools.   Call us today at (616) 292-7804 for your pool installation.

- New Lawns

New lawn installations require great top soil, fine grading, and adequate consideration for drainage.   We can assist with it all. Call us at (616) 292-7804 today!

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